Myprotein launches a protein spread available in three chocolate flavors

myprotein protein spread

Myprotein has introduced a delicious, chocolate-flavored high-protein spread for its massive international lineup of products. While the new release does have a good amount of protein at 3.2g per 15g serving, its other macros are also quite high with 6g of fat, 5g of carbohydrates, with 87 calories.

The nutrition profile on Myprotein’s all-new and straightforwardly named Protein Spread does vary across each of its flavors, of which there is a total of three. The options available for the tasty looking product include Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate, and a Nutella-like Chocolate Hazelnut.

Myprotein’s Protein Spread is made with quality whey concentrate to give it that higher dose of protein and maltitol as its sweetener. Fans and followers of the brand can pick up the protein product starting this month from the main Myprotein website in 360g jars for £5.99 (7.40 USD) each.