Performa’s Activ shaker is now available to pre-order in Hulk and Thor

Sep 4th, 2019
performa marvel activ shakers

Performa has put together two new Marvel superhero shakers that are now available for pre-order from its website with shipping starting tomorrow. Both designs are for the brand’s recently released Activ style shaker bottle that features a different lid to its original Perfect Shaker design.

The new characters being represented on the latest products from Performa are Hulk and Thor, or more specifically Thor’s hammer Mj√∂lnir. These are just the third and fourth Marvel licensed designs for the brand’s Activ shaker bottle, with the first two being the Punisher and Deadpool.

You need to head to to get in on the pre-order of the new Hulk and Thor Activ shakers, with both priced the same at $13.99 each.

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