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Performix returns with a molecular hydrogen infused pre-workout

performix sst pre

After months of silence and no entirely new supplements for over a year, Performix has relaunched itself at this year’s Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. The brand has not only given itself an all-new look, but it’s taking a whole different approach which begins at the Olympia with the debut of its interesting new pre-workout, SST Pre.

Visually, SST Pre doesn’t look anything like the Performix supplements we’ve seen in the past. It features a stylish, neon yellow bottle that comes wrapped in a white box with touches of black and neon yellow print.

Performix’s all-new SST Pre promises a slightly different type of pre-workout experience, or at least different compared to most of the newcomers to the category. It’s packed with ingredients to increase energy and enhance mental focus, although where it truly stands out is with its performance and endurance benefits.

SST Pre comes with a lot of common pre-workout ingredients including 3g of citrulline malate, 2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, lion’s mane, theanine, yohimbe, and 300mg of caffeine. The unique thing about Performix’s first new supplement since its return is that it features a patent-pending molecular hydrogen matrix.

performix sst pre

The goal behind Performix’s molecular hydrogen matrix is to improve alkalinity to help buffer lactic acid and boost ATP generation, then in turn, improve performance and endurance. The matrix itself is made up of a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, magnesium salts, acids, and Redmond’s Ancient Sea Salt.

SST Pre is due to be available in Performix retailers sometime in the next month or so, and it will be competitively priced. A 30 serving tub of the upcoming pre-workout is going to have a regular price of $44.99. As for flavors, SST Pre will be launching in three with Blue Razz Ice, Blueberry Lemonade, and Orange Vanilla Cola.