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PEScience enters the beauty game with its once-a-day formula Renuvia

pescience renuvia

A category we’ve seen quite a few supplement companies jump into over the past year or so is beauty, with products to for healthy hair, skin, and nails. PEScience has now thrown its hat the ring with the all-new Renuvia, which is a well-formulated, single capsule per day supplement.

PEScience promotes Renuvia as being quite different from the competition, but still designed to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. The brand makes it clear its new supplement is not a random mix of vitamin and minerals; instead it features four carefully selected ingredients to get the job done.

pescience renuvia

Half of the formula behind Renuvia is made up of premium branded ingredients, including 30mg of Ceramosides and 120mg of Hyabest hyaluronic acid for improved moisture and reduced wrinkles. The other two features in the PEScience product are 20mg of silica from bamboo extract and 4.5mg of biotin for improved nail thickness.

You can purchase the all-new Renuvia from PEScience starting this month through its website at the reasonable price of $24.99 for a full 30 day’s supply.