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Real food protein bar follows The Protein Kitchen’s plant-based shake

protein kitchen protein bar

The healthy food company The Protein Kitchen, recently released a high-protein, plant-based protein shake at 7-Eleven in its home country of Denmark. The product comes in Chocolate and Strawberry flavors and contains no milk, with almonds and pea protein being its main ingredients.

The Protein Kitchen’s plant-based shake was said to be one and half years in the making; however, it turns out that’s not all it’s been working on during that time. Alongside its protein shake, the Danish company has also launched another on-the-go protein product, although this one is edible.

The other new item The Protein Kitchen has been working on for over a year is a very simple protein bar made with only real food ingredients. The brand has taken a similar approach to the widely available RXBar and listed the exact amount of each of its ingredients on the product’s packaging.

protein kitchen protein bar

The Protein Kitchen’s all-new protein bar is made with three egg whites and three dates. There is also nine peanuts and cocoa powder in its Cocoa & Peanuts flavor, and nine almonds and coconut in its Coconut & Almonds flavor.

The macros on The Protein Kitchen’s real food snack are 12g of protein,18 to 20g of carbohydrates with 14g of that sugar, between 9.9 to 10.5g of fat, and 223/224 calories. Just like the brand’s plant-based protein shake, its bar is available from 7-Elevens in Denmark and online through its website.