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Rule One unveils a new family of keto-friendly supplements

rule one mrp keto

Rule One is one of the biggest supplement attractions at this year’s Mr. Olympia Expo, with a walk-through booth that is drawing quite the crowd. While the brand is giving visitors the chance to sample a lot of its great products, it has unveiled some entirely new supplements to the event as well.

There are three new products on display at Rule One’s Mr. Olympia booth, none of which are available for purchase, but will be in the coming weeks. The items are actually all keto-friendly supplements with two of them being fairly straightforward, and the third is a little more complex.

rule one mrp keto

Rule One’s more basic products include an unflavored MCT formula made with coconut oil, and providing 30 servings with 10g of MCTs in each. The other simple supplement is a BHB powered formula packing 6g of BHB ketones with 30 servings per tub in Peach Mango and Blue Razz flavors.

The third and final new Rule One product is a keto-friendly meal replacement shake called MRP Keto. It comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors and provides 16g of fat per serving from coconut oil, MCT powder, butter, and CLA, 10g of protein from whey, and 6g of carbs with 2g of that fiber.