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Vegun launches its VPlant vegan protein powder in two promising flavors

vegun nutrition vplant

VPlant from the vegan-friendly company Vegun Nutrition has arrived, which is a supplement the brand says will change the game. VPlant is a more traditional protein powder compared to Vegun’s other protein effort with the balanced, plant-powered mass gainer VeganMass.

Vegun Nutrition’s all-new VPlant provides a solid 20g of protein per serving from a blend of two plant-based sources of protein. The product is made with pea isolate and sacha inchi protein, as well as Compound Solutions’ Clean Cream to give it a creamy texture and rich taste.

The other macros provided by each serving of VPlant protein powder are 7g of carbohydrates with 4g of that fiber and a gram of sugar, 3.5g of fat, and 130 calories. Vegun Nutrition has also included a blend of enzymes for better digestion and naturally sweetened the supplement with stevia.

Vegun Nutrition has released its supposed game-changer in two flavors, both of which come in 25 serving tubs, cost $39.99, and have no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. As for what the two options are, there is Creamy Chocolate and a much less common Cinnamon Roll.