Xtend Keto combines goBHB and BCAAs with a caffeinated option

xtend keto

The Xtend brand has announced another spin-off version of its signature amino supplement with the ketone infused Xtend Keto. Like all of the other Xtend named products, the ketone edition comes packed with a hefty dose of BCAAs at 7g per serving to help with muscle recovery.

Alongside that 7g of BCAAs, the Xtend brand has included goBHB branded BHB ketones in Xtend Keto at a dose of 6g per serving to increase ketone levels. There are also a handful of electrolytes to support hydration, which is another feature carried over from the regular Xtend Original.

Another detail worth mentioning about Xtend Keto is that there are in fact two different versions of the ketone infused supplement. There is Xtend Keto featuring everything highlighted above, and Xtend Keto Energy combining that same formula with an energy-boosting, 125mg blend of caffeine and ZumXR delayed-release caffeine.

xtend keto

The Xtend brand is launching Xtend Keto and Xtend Keto Energy in two flavors each, all of which have 20 servings per tub and contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners. As for the flavor names, Xtend Keto is coming in Strawberry Kiwi Splash and Orange Mango, while Xtend Keto Energy gets Knockout Fruit Punch and Ultra Frost.

Fans of Xtend and its growing lineup of amino products can look forward to getting their hands on the new Xtend Keto family sometime next month then GNC in November. The two versions will be available for purchase first through the official Xtend website sometime in October at $59.99 per tub.