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Delicious 3D Energy is coming to 300 Walmart locations in January 2020

3d energy in walmart

3D Energy is one of our favorite energy drinks currently on the market, which delivers top quality flavors beyond most other energy beverages. You can also find the product in a number of major retailers and supplement stores, as well as internationally in regions such as the UK and Europe.

The energy drink company has now announced that in early 2020, its reach will get even bigger. Just three months from now in January of next year, 3D Energy is going to available from the mainstream supermarket Walmart. The brand will be in 300 locations across the country as a sort of a test launch.

If everything goes well, the brand and its delicious beverage are then going to expand into even more Walmart stores. As mentioned, 3D Energy is one of the best-tasting energy drinks out there, so it definitely deserves a presence in a supermarket the size of Walmart.

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