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5% Nutrition hints at a low-carb cookie coming later this week

5 percent nutrition cookie

Over the years, 5% Nutrition has launched two edible products, both being protein bars with the RF Bar and the keto-friendly, Knock The Carb Out Bar. It now looks like we’re about to get the brand’s first healthy snack that does not come in the traditional protein bar format.

5% Nutrition has dropped a teaser today of a new edible product, showing off the silhouette of what we can only assume to be some sort of cookie. The brand has not confirmed the mystery item is a cookie, but with the image’s circular object and cookie crumbs, it is difficult to see anything else.

5% Nutrition has also said the upcoming functional food is another entry into an already available line of products, and it is low in carbohydrates. Those clues lead us to believe the brand’s latest creation is a spin-off of the Knock The Carb Out Bar with a Knock The Carb Out Cookie.

Whatever the mystery item turns out to be, 5% Nutrition plans on completely revealing the product later this week, so definitely stay tuned for more information.