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Anabolic Designs introduces the AD Life Series with its premium Vitamin+

anabolic designs ad life vitamin

The reputable company Anabolic Designs has introduced a new family of supplements this week called AD Life starting with Vitamin+. The brand’s latest product is an all-natural, wholefood formula featuring a variety vitamins and minerals as well as a handful of other general health ingredients.

The all-new Vitamin+ is designed as a premium competitor for the saturated multi-vitamin category, made with zero synthetic ingredients. It features a vegan-friendly formula including plant-sourced EPA and DHA; a wholefood micronutrient blend; and an adaptogen complex made up of reishi, cordyceps, and turkey tail.

anabolic designs ad life vitamin

Being a multi-vitamin Anabolic Designs’ first AD Life release does, of course, come with a complete set of vitamins and minerals. You can see the entire list of ingredients the brand has packed into each two-capsule serving of Vitamin+ in its fully transparent facts panel directly above.

For those interested in picking up Anabolic Designs’ comprehensive health supplement, it available starting this week from The premium formula behind the AD Life Series Vitamin+ does come with a slightly higher price than your typical multi-vitamin with a full 30 serving bottle priced at $35.99.