Collagen infused nut butters now available from Bombbar and Chikalab

Oct 22nd, 2019
captain peanut miss chika

The Russian brand Bombbar has welcomed two new products to its spin-off, functional food line Chikalab. Both of the items are nut butters with Captain Peanut and Miss Chika. Bombbar does already have a few butters on the market from Chikalab; however, its new releases are quite a bit different.

Captain Peanut and Miss Chika are peanut-based butters, although they’re made with a little more than just peanuts. Both of the products are also infused with collagen at about 3g per 30g serving, along with added sea salt for Captain Peanut and extra coconut for Miss Chika.

Being that their main ingredients are slightly different, the nutrition profiles of Captain Peanut and Miss Chika are a bit different as well. From a 30g serving, you get 10/10.6g (Miss/Captain) of protein, 13/14g of fat, the same low 3.4g of carbohydrates for both products, no sugar, and 178/172 calories.

As per usual, the latest products from Bombbar and its creative functional food brand Chikalab, are now available from its website. Both Captain Peanuts and Miss Chika will cost the same at €4.73 (5.27 USD) per 250g jar, although if you hurry and use the coupon code “CHIKA” you can save 15%.