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Bubblegum flavor of the gaming supplement G Fuel is in the works

bubblegum g fuel

Gamma Labs has revealed a new flavor for its flagship gaming supplement, the official energy drink of eSports, G Fuel. At the moment, the product is only in the works, so unlike most new flavors the brand announces, there is no date or timeframe for when this one will be available.

The upcoming flavor from Gamma Labs is not something we see all that often in the supplement industry with a Bubblegum G Fuel. The brand has always done a great job with the flavor of its products, which is something we suspect will remain the same with the all-new Bubblegum.

Gamma Labs does make its sample batch of Bubblegum G Fuel pretty good, saying it is spot on in terms of taste, smell, and appearance. More details are expected to be along soon about the gaming supplement’s creative new flavor, so be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d.

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