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Competitive Edge Labs previews its “massively dosed” pump pre-workout

competitive edge labs super swole

The team over at Competitive Edge Labs has started teasing its next new supplement after hitting the natural anabolic market with Anabolic Effect in July. The brand’s upcoming product is Super Swole, which is a stimulant-free pre-workout primarily designed to enhance muscle pumps while you workout.

For now, Competitive Edge Labs has not revealed any of the ingredients in Super Swole, only saying that it’s “Massively Dosed”. Based on those few words and how packed out Anabolic Effect is, we imagine Super Swole will feature a wide range of ingredients to deliver its promising pump enhancing experience.

We can also confirm that like a lot of newcomers to the pump market; Super Swole will come in powder form with three flavors to choose from. Competitive Edge Labs plans on revealing everything you need to know about the product within the next week or so, with a full launch to follow.