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First look at Swft’s pump pre-workout Vasix coming in November

swft stims vasix

Swft Stims has grown into quite a comprehensive brand since it first hit the market with its variety of basic, single-ingredient supplements. It was actually at the end of last year that it finally put together its first advanced type product with the stimulant powered pre-workout Stim Bomb.

To get some excitement going in the first week of October, Swft Stims has unveiled its next new complex formula with a supplement named Vasix. The upcoming product will be another pre-workout from Swft Stims; however, unlike Stim Bomb, this one is a stimulant-free supplement.

For now, the brand has only shared a quick preview of Vasix, which doesn’t tell us everything, but it does confirm a handful of its highlights. Firstly, the product has been formulated to help enhance muscle pumps while you workout as well as improve performance, power, and hydration.

Secondly, we can confirm some of the ingredients that will be Swft Stims Vasix, including the pump boosters, citrulline, AGmass agmatine, Nitrosigine, and the S7 blend. The performance ingredient elevATP is also going to be in there as well as the effective absorption enhancer AstraGin.

More information about Swft Stims Vasix is due to be shared early next week, including a full breakdown of each and every ingredient in the supplement. As for the launch of the stimulant-free pump and performance pre-workout, it is expected to be out and available in November.

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