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Campus Protein unveils its Bomb Pop carnitine flavor Freedom Shot

freedom shot campus protein carnitine

Campus Protein has completely unveiled the all-new flavor of its liquid carnitine formula that is due to launch in just three days from now on Monday of next week. As the supplement retailer alluded to in teasers, the flavor is Bomb Pop inspired and is officially named Freedom Shot.

To make the product stand out that little bit more, Campus Protein has given it an alternative label design featuring a star pattern all through the background. The stars in combination with the product’s blue liquid and red text, give the Freedom Shot carnitine and a fitting and patriotic look and feel.

As mentioned, Campus Protein plans to release the third flavor of its almost one-month-old liquid carnitine next week on Monday through its website. If it’s like the supplement’s other options, it’ll cost you $15.99 for a full-size 32 serving bottle with a 1.5g of carnitine blend in each serving.

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