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GN Labs launches a gourmet spin-off of its Dairy Whey protein powder

gn labs dairy whey premium

The German company GN Labs has launched a better tasting, gourmet version of its long-running protein powder Dairy Whey. The brand has named the new supplement Dairy Whey Premium, which provides the same 25g of protein per serving as the original from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate.

As mentioned, it is the gourmet flavor that separates the regular Dairy Whey from the all-new Dairy Whey Premium. GN Labs promises an even more delicious experience with its tasty spin-off that comes in six rather creative tastes, none of which you’ll find on the original Dairy Whey menu.

The flavors fans of GN Labs have to choose from include Whey Schnitte, Diva Choco Caramel Nuts, Caribbean Coco Dream, and Halb 10 in Deutschland. The remaining two are the chocolate recipe Lila Schokolade and Cafe Frappe made with ground coffee that gives it 60mg of caffeine.

GN Labs entire Dairy Whey Premium lineup is now available from the supplement retailer Gigas Nutrition. It comes in just the one, 1kg tub size that costs €3 more than the regular Dairy Whey at €26.90 (29.81 USD) each.