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Introducing the upcoming lifestyle brand Naughty Boy out of the UK

naughty boy supplements

Naughty Boy is an all-new lifestyle supplement company set to launch in the UK sometime during the month of November. Like a lot of other newcomers to the market, Naughty Boy is going to be getting into the fast-growing supplement space with a stimulant powered pre-workout

We don’t yet know the name or any specific details for the UK brand’s first-ever supplement, only that it will be for the saturated pre-workout category. We can also confirm that while Naughty Boy is going to launch with just one product, another item for a separate category is due to follow the brand’s arrival.

Plenty more information will be shared between now and Naughty Boy’s upcoming release, including product previews as well as formula details. As mentioned, the brand is aiming to hit the market next month, so we won’t be waiting too long before we get a closer look at Naughty Boy and its pre-workout.

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