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Sam’s Club gets a 50 serving version of Muscletech’s Amino Build

muscletech amino build

Another version of Muscletech’s long-running Amino Build was recently made available at the membership-only retailer Sam’s Club. The product is slightly different from the brand’s Performance Series Amino Build Next Gen, and officially goes by the lengthier name of “Amino Build Performance Amplifier”.

Just like Amino Build Next Gen, the version of Muscletech’s Amino Build that you’ll find at Sam’s Club combines BCAAs and electrolytes. A full tub of the supplement comes with a massive 50 servings, each packing 5g of BCAAs, a gram of taurine, 480mg of tart cherry, and a blend of electrolytes to help with hydration.

muscletech amino build

You can see the full list of ingredients in Muscletech’s Amino Build in its fully transparent facts panel above. If you’d like to purchase it, as mentioned, you’ll need to head to your local Sam’s Club store or its website. Online the product carries a strong price of $29.88 per tub in the one Watermelon flavor.