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Nutrabio moves Upsorb to the counter with its nine bottle display case

nutrabio upsorb counter case

Upsorb is a rather unique product from Nutrabio that hit the market earlier this year. It combines the power of AstraGin at 50mg per capsule and BioPerine black pepper at 5mg. Together the main ingredients hope to improve the absorption of your supplements by as much as double.

Nutrabio has now launched its nutrient optimization product in a nine-bottle display case designed for placement on counters as opposed to just individually on shelves. Upsorb is formulated to be used on top of your regular supplements, so that front counter placement is a very fitting position.

To help get stores and stockists interested, Nutrabio has put together the Upsorb starter kit that comes with a handful of marketing materials to further promote the product.

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