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Nutrabolics announces its PeakO2 infused Anabolic State Elite

anabolic state elite

Nutrabolics has announced that an all-new version of its long-running amino supplement Anabolic State is coming soon, and it will feature a bit of a twist to it. The product is going to have a slightly extended name with Anabolic State Elite, and is still expected to feature a good amount of amino acids.

If Nutrabolics upcoming Anabolic State Elite is anything like the current version on the market, on the amino side, it’ll have around 6g of BCAAs, plus 3g of glutamine and HICA. As for the supplement’s twist, much like the recently released Supernova Infinite, Anabolic State Elite is going to be infused with the PeakO2 performance blend.

Nutrabolics has yet to confirm the exact dose of PeakO2 in its new version of Anabolic State, although typically, brands throw it in at 2g per serving. More details on Anabolic State Elite should be along soon as it does sound like this will be the next new product from Nutrabolics who has already been quite busy this year.