Performa launches its compartment shaker the Performa Plus

Oct 28th, 2019
performa plus shaker

The fitness accessory brand Performa, known for its superhero branded products, has added a new shaker bottle design to its line up. The all-new shaker dubbed the Performa Plus, combines the usual cup with a 24oz capacity, a screw-on compartment, and a container for pills and powders.

The compartment that screws on to the bottom actually holds the additional container that can house your pill and powder supplements. Both the screw-on compartment and container, separate from the Performa Plus shaker, which can, of course, be used with or without the attachements.

The Performa Plus shaker is currently available in just a handful styles, although only one of those is a signature superhero option. There are three basic color variants with black, clear and red, and clear and black at $13.99 each, and the one superhero design with The Punisher at $14.99.

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