Pink 3D Energy Drink Review: Sweet and lasting candy taste

pink 3d energy review

If you’re a regular reader of our reviews or energy drink stories, you’ll already know we’re big fans of the delicious 3D Energy drink. Since launch, we’ve enjoyed every flavor the brand has dropped, so with this week bringing the release of the all-new Pink flavor, we of course, got our hands on it for review.

The new Pink 3D Energy drink was already confirmed as a cotton candy flavor, which the product also has labeled right on the front of its can. It comes with all of the same ingredients as the other flavors featuring an energy blend including the likes of taurine, ginseng, carnitine, and a moderate 200mg of caffeine.

pink 3d energy review


The Cotton Candy or Pink 3D Energy delivers exactly what you’d expect; a solid cotton candy-like flavor that tastes like a lot more than 20 calories per can. It hits you with a truly sweet candy flavor right from the start, and as you swallow, that candy taste does not fade. It stays strong from start to finish and makes it difficult to put down.

While that initial hit is a strong candy flavor, there is also a bit of a cakey, vanilla base. That other side of the Pink 3D Energy drink is what makes it feel more like cotton candy as opposed to an all-out candy experience. It is definitely a great addition to the product’s lineup, as it’s unlike any of the seven other flavors on the energy drink’s menu.

pink 3d energy review


After all of the other options turned out so good, it’s not really all that surprising that the Pink flavor is another amazing 3D Energy creation. It comes through with the exact taste called out on the face of its can, and it delivers it in a way that has you thinking of nothing else but cotton candy in combination with that usual energy boost.

If we had to rank the Pink 3D Energy drink against its other flavors, it is good, although we wouldn’t quite put it near the top. It’s a bit below our favorite three, which remain to be the original White, the Moutain Dew-like Green, and the delicious Orange that tastes just like Fanta.

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