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Believe reveals its Bomb Pop themed flavor for Pump Addict

rocket pumpsicle pump addict

Pump Addict is a relatively complete and comprehensive pre-workout from Believe Supplements introduced in October of last year. Since launch, the Canadian brand has added one new flavor to its menu with Frosted Grapes, and has now revealed another new option is on the way.

At the moment, Believe Supplements’ Pump Addict comes in five flavors with Green Apple, Sour Peach, Pink Lemonade, Sour Watermelons, and the aforementioned Frosted Grapes. Due to join that lineup in the very new future is flavor number six for Pump Addict with Rocket Pumpsicle.

No exact launch date or timeframe has been set for the Rocket Pumpsicle Pump Addict just yet, only confirmation that it is coming soon.