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Run Everything Labs drops two new flavors for STW and one for DTE

run everything labs orange dte blue raspberry green apple stw

This past week, the supplement company Run Everything Labs from Rob and Dana Linn Bailey, has gone and dropped three new flavor options. New flavors are something we’ve seen a lot of from Run Everything this year, with new additions to EWP White, Onward, and the plant-based protein Vegan Pro.

The brand has now added another two flavors to the menu of its pump pre-workout STW (Show The World) and one new option for its fat burner DTE (Destroy The Enemy). For Run Everything Labs’ STW there is Green Apple and a traditional Blue Raspberry, then for DTE, it is another fruity recipe with Orange.

As per usual, the first place stocking all of the new products from Run Everything Labs is its online store where a tub of STW will cost you $36.99, and DTE is $39.99