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Six Star from the makers of Muscletech, is coming out with an energy drink

six star explosion energy drink

The brand Six Star Pro Nutrition from the makers of Muscletech is coming out with an on-the-go, energy-boosting beverage. Six Star is one of the bigger brands jumping into the growing category, and it is taking on the market with a more comprehensive mix of ingredients compared to your typical energy drink.

The product bears the same name as Six Star’s pre-workout supplement with Six Star Explosion energy drink. The beverage also actually features a fairly similar formula to the brand’s original Explosion pre-workout powder, with just a handful of differences.

six star explosion energy drink

The Six Star Explosion energy drink comes with 3g of beta-alanine for improved performance, 2.2g of arginine AKG, and 2.5g of betaine. The supplement then has two blends, one of which is for pumps with taurine citrulline, citrulline malate, and arginine HCl, combining for a total of a gram per serving.

The other blend in the new Six Star Explosion drink is there for better energy and mental focus. Taking care of that side of things for the product is caffeine, choline, and tyrosine. The total caffeine you get from each can is just below a lot of the other performance beverages out there with 270mg.

six star explosion energy drink

The Six Star Explosion energy drink will be available in the near future from the likes of the online giant Amazon in packs of six. It’ll have two zero-sugar and zero-calorie flavors to choose from with Red Berry Rush and Tropical Twist.