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Vegan-friendly version of USN’s Trust Protein RTD is coming to the UK

usn trust vegan protein rtd

The global company USN that has different lines of products in various countries around the world, has introduced a new beverage in the UK this week. It is a vegan-friendly version of the brand’s Trust Protein RTD that relies on plant-based sources of protein as opposed to the usual dairy.

An entire bottle of USN’s new ready-to-drink protein shake officially named Trust Protein Vegan, comes with 15g of protein. We’re not sure on the exact protein sources the brand is using in the beverage, only that they are vegan-friendly, with pea and brown rice protein being some of your more common sources.

USN will be launching its Trust Protein Vegan RTD in at least one flavor with Chocolate, which comes with a low 1.3g of sugar per bottle.