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4+ Nutrition launches compact vials packing a total of 3g of carnitine

4 plus carnitine liquid shot

One our favorite Italian supplement companies 4+ Nutrition, has come out with a liquid carnitine formula, although it’s not quite the same as the big bottles we’re used to seeing. The brand’s latest effort is actually a small, convenient vial of liquid carnitine that’s avialable in boxes of 20 vials.

The all-new 4+ Nutrition Carnitine Liquid vials come with a total of 3g of carnitine from two forms of carnitine in acetyl-l-carntine and Carnipure carntine tartrate. The supplement company has also included the antioxidant coQ10 in its compact liquid formula at a dose of 12.5mg in each 25ml vial.

The convenient Carnitine Liquid is now available through 4+ Nutrition’s domestic Italian website in the one apple flavor, at a price of €50 (55.06 USD), which works out to €2.50 per vial.

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