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Rich Piana’s Bigger By The Day Series inspires a 5% Nutrition supplement

5 percent nutrition bigger by the day supplement

5% Nutrition has relaunched Rich Piana’s original, controversial, and most popular YouTube series ever, Bigger By The Day. The brand has recut the series with deleted scenes and uncensored footage and is still all about the legendary Piana putting on 30lbs of muscle in three short months.

To go with the recut Bigger By The Day, 5% Nutrition has put together an all-new supplement named after the popular series in “Bigger By The Day”. As you could probably guess, it is a muscle building product formulated to promote lean muscle growth, enhance protein synthesis, and improve recovery.

5 percent nutrition bigger by the day supplement

The Bigger By The Day supplement is essentially a product inspired by Rich Piana’s relaunched series and its goal of building. As for the formula behind it, 5% Nutrition has brought together handful of natural muscle building ingredients, transparently dosed and wrapped up in a three-capsule serving.

Making up each serving of 5% Nutrition’s Bigger By The Day is half a gram of leucine metabolite HICA, 200mg of actual leucine, 200mg of green tea (90% epicatechin), and 300mg of Laxosterone laxogenin. The brand has also included the absorption enhancing BioPerine black pepper at 10mg.