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Bowmar is phasing out its BCAA for a full-spectrum EAA called Essentials

bowmar nutrition essentials

Bowmar Nutrition is getting ready to phase out its amino BCAA, which as per its title, comes with 5g of BCAAs plus glutamine, citrulline, and carnitine. As the product phases out, the brand is bringing in an all-new amino competitor called Essentials that’ll feature a slightly different formula.

The upcoming Essentials has been in the works with Bowmar Nutrition for over a year, and is going to be an essential amino acid supplement. It will feature a more comprehensive combination of aminos to support recovery with all nine EAAs as opposed to just the three BCAAs, like in the original BCAA.

We don’t yet know the dose of the EAAs in Essentials, although coming from Bowmar Nutrition, we don’t suspect it to be anything light. The upcoming amino product is due to launch in the one Green Apple flavor, although many more options will follow, including all of the flavors from Bowmar’s BCAA.