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Smarter drinking supplement Neutralize moving to Build Fast Formula

build fast formula neutralize

Neutralize is an acetaldehyde neutralizing supplement formulated to help you feel better the day after a night of drinking, or any other occasion where alcohol is involved. Neutralize claims to be the first product for acetaldehyde metabolism and is used by simply taking three capsules before your first drink, then another three after your last.

The reason we’re introducing the supplement today is that Build Fast Formula, the company behind the top-rated Vasoblitz, has announced it is bringing Neutralize under its brand. The product is going to be rebranded to match the rest of Build Fast Formula’s growing lineup and will be its third supplement overall alongside Vasoblitz and Fullblitz.

Build Fast Formula already has Neutralize available for purchase through its own online store in eight serving bottles at $24.99, or single-serving blister packs at $4.99. The brand is also giving away a whole bunch of Neutralize on its Instagram account that features its original branding, and not the new Build Fast Formula look.