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SNS shares a first look at its energy-infused spin-off of Vasoforce

vasoforce rush

Just last month, Serious Nutrition Solutions more simply known as SNS, introduced its pump enhancing pill supplement Vasoforce XT. The product comes with a combination of Vaso6, the S7 blend, GlycerPump glycerol, and agmatine sulfate to help improve muscle pumps while you workout.

This week SNS has provided the first look at its upcoming Vasoforce XT spin-off, Vasoforce Rush. The few details we have for the supplement so far are that it comes with 25 servings per bottle, and that it’s designed to support energy, mental focus, and pumps, whereas the original was only about pumps.

By the sounds of things, the upcoming Vasoforce Rush from SNS is a stimulant-infused version of the regular Vasoforce. The fact that the product promises energy and focus certainly suggests this will be the case, although we are only speculating at this point.

More details are due to be released by SNS for Vasoforce Rush soon, with the supplement itself also expected to be available in the very near future. The product will come in capsule form just like Vasoforce, and as mentioned, it is going to have 25 servings per bottle, which is five fewer than the original.

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