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First look at Myoblox extremely limited Super Duper Skywalk

super duper skywalk

Myoblox is one of the first supplement companies we ever saw consistently do limited edition launches. For years the brand has done special edition versions of products like its pre-workout Loco and amino Illa featuring alternative label designs, enhanced formulas, and creative flavors.

This week Myoblox has revealed its next special edition launch, which is going to be its most limited release to date. The upcoming supplement is a limited edition version of the brand’s popular and effective, energy and focus formula Skywalk, named Super Duper Skywalk.

The product features a vibrant label design with all the colors of the rainbow and is said to taste like a mix of mango gummy worms and rainbow candy. In typical Myoblox style, the Super Duper Skywalk will have two additional ingredients to further help with focus in Nivadren and cats claw.

The next special edition version of Skywalk is going to be available around Black Friday, presumably through the Myoblox website, like all of its other limited releases. Once again, the Super Duper Skywalk is going to be a very limited supplement, so you’ll want to jump on it quickly when it arrives.