Franky’s Bakery drops an all-new and natural line of peanut butter

Nov 9th, 2019
frankys bakery peanut butter

The fun, creative, and throwback branded Franky’s Bakery, has come out with an all-new family of peanut butter, made up of three different varieties. All of the options are completely natural, featuring zero palm oil, no added sugar and hydrogenated fats, and zero preservatives or unnecessary additives.

The products are essentially straightforward peanut butters, at least for the Smooth and Crunchy variants. The one other Franky’s Bakery butter is the chocolate flavored Choco Crema. That one has slightly more ingredients than Smooth and Crunchy, as well as a lower percentage of protein at 17% instead of 28%.

The Franky’s Bakery peanut butters are now available fo order from the major European retailer Gigas Nutrition. They’re all priced the same at €6.90 (7.60 USD) each; however, the amount of spread you get from each one is not the same. The Smooth and Crunchy have 450g per jar, while Choco Crema has just 250g.