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Introducing the creative new brand Glaxon and its first five supplements

Glaxon is an all-new supplement company that just hit the market this week and with quite the variety of products. There are currently five supplements available from Glaxon, all of which feature relatively well put together formulas. They’re also uniquely branded, each with their own distinctive and eye-catching label design.

The products Glaxon has included in its launch are the sleep supplement Sedative, the pump pre-workout Plasm Surge, the obviously named SuperGreens, the fat burner Slyce, and the nootropic Adrinall.

glaxon supplements

As mentioned, all of Glaxon’s creatively branded products feature pretty solid and fully transparent formulas. Some of the standouts in the brand’s fresh new lineup include its nootropic Adrinall and the sleep aid Sedative. Both feature a variety of ingredients and do look rather promising based on their facts panels.

Glaxon’s Adrinall comes with over 15 active ingredients to enhance energy and mental focus, including half a gram of lion’s mane, the Cholinace choline blend, and 225mg of caffeine. As for Sedative, to help with sleep, relaxation, and recovery, it comes with highlights such as melatonin at 4mg, the Cholinace blend again, and 50mg of 5-HTP.

glaxon supplements

You can read more about Glaxon’s Sedative, Plasm Surge, SuperGreens, Slyce, and Adrinall over on its website, where you can also purchase each of the supplements. Their prices do, of course, vary with SuperGreens and Plasm Surge at $39.99 each, Sedative at $44.99, Slyce at $49.99, and $59.99 for the promising Adrinall.

While Glaxon does have five products in its lineup at the moment, that number is going to increase in the coming months. The brand has confirmed and previewed another eight supplements with the aminos Xeno and Xeno Energy, Flight, Hybrid, the GDA Cheat, Alpha 365, and the pre-workouts Specimen and G.F.Y.