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Stimulant free version of Thermo Burn is on the way from Iron Brothers

iron brothers stimulant free thermo burn

The team over at Iron Brothers Supplements is coming out with another competitor for the busy weight loss category. Fans of the brand will know Iron Brothers does already have a fat burner on the market with its potent and intense Thermo Burn; however, the new product does have its point of difference.

Due to be available soon from Iron Brothers through its website and Amazon is another supplement named Thermo burn, although this one is stimulant-free. We don’t know what ingredients the brand is using in its newest product, but it can be stacked with the original Thermo Burn, so we can’t imagine there being too much crossover.

According to Iron Brothers, the stimulant-free Thermo Burn is already on its way to its own warehouse as well as Amazon. Based on that, you can probably expect to see it available from either of those locations very soon. It’ll be available in a 60 capsule bottle that’ll last you a full 30 days just like the stimulant Thermo Burn.