Iron Brothers gets ready to enter the nootropic game with Prodigy

Nov 28th, 2019
iron brothers prodigy

Fresh off the release of its stimulant-free spin-off of the fat burner Thermo Burn, Iron Brothers has announced the coming of another entirely new supplement. Due to arrive sometime soon from the up and coming brand is its entry into the increasingly competitive nootropic market with a product named Prodigy.

Like most of its supplements, the upcoming Iron Brothers Prodigy is packed full of reliable ingredients to get the job done, and with solid dosages. The product is made up of eight different compounds, all openly and transparently dosed, and wrapped up in a four-capsule serving size.

Prodigy’s formula includes a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, 250mg of citicoline, 2mg of toothed clubmoss providing 1% huperzine A, and a hefty half gram of lion’s mane. There is also 300mg of lemon balm, 200mg each of theanine and the classic stimulant caffeine, and finally, 10mg of BioPerine to help with absorption.

As you can see, Prodigy is packed out in typical Iron Brothers fashion. The combination promises to deliver a complete nootropic experience, including support for mental clarity and focus, as well as energy from caffeine. Prodigy will be available soon through the brand’s website in the usual 30 serving bottle size.