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Lemonade and Blood Orange G Fuel thrown into Gamma Labs’ vault

lemonade and blood orange g fuel vault

The gaming supplement company Gamma Labs has officially vaulted two flavors of its original energy and focus formula, G Fuel. The vault is a place where the brand sends flavors of G Fuel that aren’t going to be sold anymore. The vault can, however, be opened, and those flavors brought back as we saw with Battle Juice.

The two options of Gamma Labs’ G Fuel that have been thrown into the vault this time around are the long-running Lemonade, and Blood Orange which launched back in 2015. The brand is also asking fans what flavor they think will be getting the ax next, suggesting Gamma Labs is not done pulling flavors from its lineup just yet.

For those interested in stocking up on any of the remaining flavors of G Fuel, Gamma Labs is still running its strong buy one get one sale for Black Friday. It is as simple as it sounds, you get two tubs of G Fuel for the price of one, and you can mix and match flavors.

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