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Liberty and Justice dropping in January for the delicious ‘Merica Energy

liberty justice merica energy

The ‘Merica Energy drink from the All-American brand ‘Merica Labz, is one of, if not the best-tasting energy beverage on the market. The product’s strong, sweet, and consistent flavors make it tough to beat with a couple of our favorites being Not Your Granny’s Apple and Let’s Make ‘Merica Grape Again.

Word has now come through that in roughly two months, the creative team at ‘Merica Labz is coming out with another two flavors of the top-rated ‘Merica Energy. We don’t know what either of the upcoming options is going to taste like; however we do know their names, which are Liberty and Justice.

While there are no descriptions available just yet for Liberty and Justice ‘Merica Energy, based on all of the other flavors, it’s safe to say they’ll taste good. As mentioned, both products are due to be available in two months with their launch currently set for sometime in the first month of next year.