Third limited Rhino Black potentially launching on Black Friday

muscle sport black friday limited rhino

Back before Muscle Sport dropped its special edition and very effective pre-workout Kings Ransom Rhino Black in May, it revealed it would release two other limited Rhino Blacks this year. The brand’s second special edition Rhino Black arrived in September with Forbidden Fruit, and now it looks like we’re getting the third and final limited launch.

Muscle Sport has shared a teaser this week for a mystery supplement that is launching in 12 days on Black Friday, and comes with some sort of pink color theme to it. We believe that is the brand’s third limited edition Rhino Black purely because of the color, as it matches the teaser the brand shared earlier this year of all three special edition releases.

If the mysterious product Muscle Sport is aiming to launch on Black Friday is indeed another limited Rhino Black, it will definitely make the major sales day a lot more exciting. The formula the brand uses for all of its special edition versions of Rhino Black is very powerful, in fact, it’s ranked in the top three on our list of top five pre-workouts.