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Insane Veinz Gold confirms as Insane Labz launch for Black Friday

insane veinz gold

Insane Labz has dropped a preview of the all-new supplement it plans on launching next week for Black Friday. The product has turned out to be a spin-off of the brand’s pump enhancing pre-workout Insane Veinz, which is what we suspect based on the few details Insane Labz previously shared.

The upcoming Insane Veinz spin-off is similar to the brand’s Psychotic and Psychotic Gold pre-workouts, as its official name is Insane Veinz Gold. Just like the original, Insane Veinz Gold looks to enhance muscle pumps and vascularity, and it comes with a formula that does not contain any stimulants.

We can’t yet confirm the exact differences between Insane Veinz and Insane Veinz Gold, as Insane Labz has yet to reveal the Black Friday supplement’s facts panel. Our guess is it’s a more advanced version of the pre-workout, with potentially more ingredients and higher dosages to improve pumps.

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