Liquid version of ProSupps’ sleep formula Crash coming this December

Nov 4th, 2019
prosupps crash liquid shots

In the first week of December, ProSupps will be releasing a liquid shot version of its sleep support supplement Crash. The spin-off product does not feature the same ingredients as the capsule original with a simpler formula, although still designed to help with sleep, relaxation, and recovery.

ProSupps’ upcoming Crash Liquid Shots comes with three main features including ZMA, and the common sleep ingredients GABA and melatonin at 25mg and 2mg respectively. The supplement does come with calories unlike the capsule version with 25 due to its 7g of carbohydrates per serving.

prosupps crash liquid shots

Once again, ProSupps plans on launching its Crash Liquid Shots during the first week of December which is currently just one month away. Each bottle of the drinklable nighttime product will have the usual 30 servings with two fruity flavors to choose from in Orange Dreamsicle and Dream Berry.