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All-new weight loss series from ProSupps coming to The Vitamin Shoppe

prosupps vanish series

ProSupps has put together a new line of weight loss products that is only going to be available from the major supplement retailer, The Vitamin Shoppe. The new family is called the ProSupps Vanish Series, which is made up of five different products and is actually an extension of the brand’s fat burner of the same name.

Vanish powder and capsules

There are two supplements named Vanish in the all-new Vanish Series from ProSupps, one that comes in capsule form and the other in flavored powder. The latter comes with ingredients to increase energy, focus, and mood, as well as provide weight loss support and enhance thermogenesis.

prosupps vanish series

As for the other Vanish named product that comes in capsules, that one appears to be the more premium option of the two. It is promoted as an all-in-one type fat burner to boost metabolism and provide all of the benefits mentioned above for the powder Vanish. It also comes loaded with seven different branded ingredients.

Three Vanish carnitines

The other three supplements in the ProSupps Vanish Series are carnitine-based liquid formulas with Carnitine Ignite, and Carnitine 1500 and 300 Liquid Shots. The Carnitine 1500 and 3000 come with 1.5g and 3g of carnitine respectively per serving, and aim to support energy production.

prosupps vanish series

ProSupps’ Carnitine Ignite is a slightly more complex product compared to the other two and promises to increase energy as well as thermogenesis. Carnitine Ignite comes with 1.5g of carnitine plus 75mg of caffeine and a 22.5mg thermogenic matrix. It also has two creatively named flavors with Molten Mango and Fire Melon.

Available at The Vitamin Shoppe

As mentioned, ProSupps is launching its weight loss focused Vanish Series exclusively at the Vitamin Shoppe. The line’s five products should be available from the retailer in the coming weeks, all with 30 servings per bottle except for Carnitine 1500 and 300, which have just one extra at 31.