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SmartShake launches a limited line of animal print shaker bottles

smartshake untamed series

The original compartment shaker company SmartShake, has introduced an all-new series of designs for its most recently released bottle, the Revive V2. The new line is called the Untamed Series, which is made up of four different shakers featuring animal-themed patterns across their bottles.

The items or animals making up SmartShake’s Untamed Series are Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe, and Tiger. They all come with the usual Revive V2 shaker features, including a secure lid, a leak-proof sealed cap, a detachable storage compartment, a 750ml bottle, and a BPA and DEHP free build.

Currently, the Untamed Series from SmartShake only appears to be available in Europe. The Swedish company’s website does have all four of the shakers in stock at €14.99 (16.59 USD) each. The new line is also a limited edition release, so it’s not going to be around permanently.

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