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Redcon1 confirms four of the six products it’s dropping on Black Friday

vice city total war

This year’s Black Friday is going to be filled with more new supplement releases than we’ve ever seen before. A number of major brands have confirmed they’ll be dropping something new to celebrate the day, although there is one who plans to launch more than anyone else we’ve heard from.

The brand looking to deliver the most excitement on Black Friday is none other than Redcon1. While we don’t know what its actual sale is going to involve, we can now confirm it’ll be dropping six new products on the day. Four of those six have been revealed, and are all new flavors of current supplements.

caramel corn mre lite

Redcon1’s list of Black Friday releases includes a seasonal Pumpkin Pie flavor for the meal replacement MRE, as well as Pumpkin Pie and Caramel Corn for MRE Lite. The one other new item that’s been confirmed is for the Stack3d Certified brand’s pre-workout with a Vice City flavor of Total War.

All four of the Redcon1 products due to launch on Black Friday are limited edition, so while they will be available next Friday, they won’t be available forever.