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Victory Labs directs users to keep its new fat burner in the refrigerator

victory labs xenevar cryo series

The Australian supplement company Victory Labs has released a new version of its stimulant fueled fat burner Xenevar, with Xenevar Cryo Series. The product comes with a variety of common weight loss type ingredients and stimulants to increase energy, as well as rather a unique packaging feature.

The formula behind Victory Labs’ latest supplement consists of two forms of carnitine with tartrate and fumarate, raspberry ketones, garcinia mangostana, AMPiberry juniper, guarana, caffeine, and OxyGold fulvic acid.

The entire formula promises to help the body’s transportation of fat, enhance mood, control your appetite, and as mentioned, provide increased and sustained energy. As for that unique feature of Victory Labs’ Cryo Series Xenevar, it involves its packaging, but also the supplement’s ingredients.

Basically, the Australian brand encourages users of its newest fat burner to store the product in their refrigerator to avoid any potential clumping of the powder. As a bonus, Victory Labs has added a unique feature to the packaging of Xenevar Cryo Series, where the label design and colors change when chilled.

The Victory Labs weight loss supplement is now out and available in Australia from retailers such as MuscleU and Elite Supplements. The Cryo Series Xenevar will cost you $79 (54.18 USD) for a full-size 60 serving tub with three flavors to choose from in Raspberry Vanilla, Mango, and Bubblegum.