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13 Lives promises more than your typical nighttime formula with its new Siesta

13 lives siesta

The Australian brand 13 Lives, who has quite an interesting lineup of supplements, including the libido formula NailedIt and fat burner InstaHoe, is now gearing up to launch another product. The next new supplement from the up and coming brand is named Siesta, and it is due to arrive in the second half of next month.

13 Lives Siesta is a nighttime product, although it aims to do more than provide the usual sleep support. The brand has formulated the capsule supplement to lower cortisol as well as help with adrenal fatigue and relaxation. That is all on top of the typical nighttime product benefits of improved deepness of sleep and a refreshed awakening.

For those interested in the ingredients behind Siesta, it comes with ten, and they’re openly and transparently dosed. Each serving of the supplement comes with 150mg each of chamomile, lemon blam, and the stress supporting Relora blend that combines magnolia officinalis and phellodendron amurense.

Other ingredients making up a full serving of the 13 Lives nighttime product include 250mg of valerian root, 200mg of ashwagandha, 600mg of GABA, and half a gram emodin. The remaining three features are 50mg of 5-HTP, 100mg of theanine, and 25mg of black pepper for absorption.

Once again, 13 Lives plans on launching Siesta in about a month and a half, with the release currently set for sometime in the last couple of weeks of January. While the brand is based in Australia, it has confirmed that Siesta is going to be available in both its local Australian market as well as the US.