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Pre Jym’s Pineapple Strawberry flavor now comes in a 30 serving tub

pineapple strawberry pre jym

If you’re a fan of Jim Stoppani’s Pineapple Strawberry flavor of his brand’s original pre-workout supplement Pre Jym, some great news has come in this week. Previously that option was only available for the product’s smaller 20 serving tub size, although now it comes in both Pre Jym’s 20 and 30 serving sizes.

The reason the flavor being upsized is great news is because the 30 serving tub of Pre Jym is, of course, more cost-effective than the 20. Over at GNC, for example, the 20 serving is $39.99 per tub, while the 30 is $49.99, which works out to be 17% cheaper, with around the same at 14% cheaper.