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Anabolic Designs tweak its hybrid fiber and probiotic formula Fiber+

anabolic designs new fiber

The reputable supplement company Anabolic Designs has revamped one of its longer running ADLife Series products with Fiber+. The main idea behind the supplement is still much the same with the product bringing together a blend of different sources of fiber and probiotics for gut health.

The key difference with Anabolic Designs’ new version of Fiber+ compared to its older one, is that it has a more diverse fiber blend. The supplement comes with a 12.9g fiber blend of psyllium husk, Fibersol 2, and apple fiber just like the original, but with the addition of green banana powder.

On the probiotic side of Anabolic Designs Fiber+, you get one billion CFU per serving from lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium longum. All together, the ingredients in the updated Fiber+ aim to support blood sugar levels and your immune system, improve nutrient absorption, and help with gut health.

Like most new products we’ve seen from Anabolic Designs, you can grab its refreshed Fiber+ first from its online store at $39.99 for a full-size, 30 serving tub. The health supplement comes in two tasty flavors with a fruity recipe in Mango Crush and a chocolate-based creation with Swiss Chocolate.