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Convenient snap card version now available for Axis Labs’ CBD Cream

axis labs cbd cream travel card

Axis Labs is back this week with another addition to its ever-growing CBD lineup. This time around the brand hasn’t put together an entirely new product, but a more convenient option of a previous release. The item is a travel-ready version of Axis Labs’ topical CBD + Relief Cream packing 1/30th of the original 2fl oz jar.

The new snap card spin-off of the brand’s CBD + Relief Cream contains all of the same ingredients, including of course CBD, as well as aloe vera, ginger, and jojoba. The way it works is you fold it in half, squeeze out your desired amount, then apply to your skin just like how you would use the product’s regular jar version.

Axis Labs’ newest product comes in boxes of ten snap cards, which combines for about a third of what you get from the jar, and is priced at $24.99. The product is clearly not as cost-effective as the original jar, with the added convenience costing you almost twice as much when worked out to price per 2ml.

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